8th Octobre – AA Endurance Experiment

I had a rough week, though motivation and muscular strength is still going hard core. After the hard workout of Tuesday of 2 x 7 x 400, I decided to jump into a race, so the rest of the week was more likely about recharge and recovery, despite that wake up time was around 5am every day. I also was experiencing some achilles and lower calf tightness, so this 4 days of recovery was a good idea and the 4 a day stretching and mobility did it’s work to get my muscles ready for tomorrow’s race.


10km with around 128m of climbing, around 4km on dirt and lots of turns. My objective is being under 36minutes. If there will be rain and wind and I am ready for a 35:30, that could mean being in contention for the podium. Unless there will be some sub 35 guys coming in. Don’t compare these times to a regular 10km. It is a difficult course and while certainly is possible to run a 30-31min 10km here, the effort needed for is tremendous comparing to an out and back perfect road 10km. I mean, if you were able to run a 30min – 10km, you would go to a place where you can win money at least, like there is a small race nearby, soon, where you can pick up a sweet check of 800euros for the win of the half marathon or 40O€ for the 10km. Small event and with a ’30min’ fitness, you’ll win. Easy money.

The amino acids I am taking are not only good for performance, but also excellent for recovery of muscles, tendon, digestion, brain and lungs, I am feeling day after day just better and better.

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