Nike Terra Kiger 8 – It is better !

The latest Kiger came out many months ago with an improved fit, better grip, more cushioning and much more. I still did not get to the roots of it as I was more likely looking for a cushioned protective model for fast and technical outings. However, I recently got into a good deal, so purchased two pairs. One for me, one for the wife.

280g, though some stating 298 or 300. 4mm drop for a 30mm to 26mm offset. Nike react foam, what is one of the best foams out there. It lets you sink in and to have comfort, but when picking up, it hardens and gives you some propulsion. Not as much as the Zoom X, on the contrary the Zoom X, doesn’t feel great at slower paces. Except the “Zoom X recycled” in the Turbo.

The grip is great for a Kiger. It definitely would not be my high altitude sky running shoe though, as it performs nowhere around a Frixion, Vibram, Continental or Inov rubber. They equipped the mid section of the shoe with some extra rubber, what actually improves on overall performance a lot. I used the shoe for multiple races this summer, lately just 3 days ago. I like to choose proper equipment for each of my races. I look at the weather, environment, terrain and everything. I never had a slip or any issue with the Kiger. Dry, short and fast, technical, not too scrambly races ! I am around 82kg for 198cm with a quality fore foot stride.

The fit is fantastic. Put it besides a Lone Peak ! You’ll see how closer it gets and how accommodating the toe box is, while never losing heel hold security. The newly reinforced ankle collar with the padding creates a secure feel on any terrain. The Toebox is spacious and anatomically more or less correct. It always was actually in case of the Kiger. I have a quite wide and square feet. The Pegasus used to be an unbearable shoe for me. The last 3 editions have straighter and straighter big toe lines and they are very usable now. Somehow all the 8 editions of the Kiger was providing me with enough space and good foot hold.

It rides way better than edition 6 and under. Not as good as the very first one what was an absolute favorite of mine, with it’s tortilla tongue.

I had some 10k paces thrown down this weekend on a dousche-grade downhill slope. It held its place.
There is a forefoot air-bag and heel rock plate, but it is nor protecting, neither noticeable. They are just there.

If you wanted to know more, watch the video or post some questions underneath !

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