3 workouts that over 40 athletes don’t do to increase running speed, but SHOULD !


This is the first and most important question. Why don’t they do those ? Simply, because it leads down to rabbithole of other lacking areas. They don’t do these, because they would need constant work on mobility, on flexibility, on biomechanics of all kind of movements. Over 40 runners don’t want implement new dietary and hydration habits, getting into better sleep hygiene, neither they want to learn, what is the worst !

1. Plyometrics

This a beast ! The mother of tendon health ! The father of decalcification !
Don’t think about CrossFit box jumps and giant triple jump style 5m forward leaps. You don’t want to leave your achilles tendons on the track. Start out with skipping roping. Light forward hopping. Modify the length and the height. Use left to right hops, roller skater style. After a couple of weeks, you can change up the hops to leaps. Then the leaps to bounds ! Increase amplitude slowly !

Don’t be greedy ! Just because it looks better and have better results by bounding like an antelope, small leaps and hops should not be abandoned and ignored. On the contrary. Better be focusing on those and keeping a quality volume of uphill hops and leaps. Add in impactful bounding only every third to fourth workout.

Quality run schooling drills like A-B-C skips are also plyometrics. Use them. Learn the rhythm ! In addition to your tendon health and propulsion, these will improve running form too, what is consequently having effect on your speed !

Do 6x plyometric sessions a month. Twice a week, then once a week and so on ! Keep it up all year around !
Do running drills at least twice a week, but better 3 to 4 times, once your strengths are up !

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2. Hill Accelerations

I intentionally did not write hill sprints, neither hill repeats. These are short 7 to 12 second accelerations. You run 20 min, do 10min drills and get on with it. Recover as you walk down. The focus is on the most efficient running form possible ! Low arm carry, high cadence, lean from the ankle, drive with the knees, forefoot landing.

  • Change hill angle and hill length every session
  • Use it as an addition to your workouts as a freshener. At the end of a long run or at the end of a tempo workout.
  • Mix it up with hill bounds
  • Don’t be rigid. Use two, three, four lamp posts and forget about time and distance.
  • The effort should be dialled in on a way, that even if you did a workout in a couple of hours afterwards, it would not impact it !

Should be done all year around. Even during total recovery or on holidays ! #Canova loves them too and keeps them in the cycle !

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3. Regular weekly strength and conditioning

This is so easy. So fun and so healthy. You need 8 to 15 minutes a day. The key is every day ! You got the 3 majors for the upper body. Push-ups, dips and pull-ups. You can mix any of those into a pilates, core workout or foundation training routine. Even into a light 8kg KB circuit. You can do a lunge matrix where each 10 you do 3 pushups.

The 3 majors for the lower body. Squat, deadlift and lunge. You focus on form. I find that the squat and the deadlift are both great, but I do them and advise them only to keep an eye on lower back, hip, knee mobility. In case of strength I prefer lunges. No weight needed, just do a lot of them ! Scandinavians can do up to 4 x 150 lunges un base prep ! Yes, Over 600 walking lunges in one training session !

You don’t need to go overboard ! Do it every day ! 5 min in the morning + 5 min in the evening. Done and dusted ! Maybe add an extra 5min 3 times a week after easy runs !

You need some ideas ? 5 exercises for 8 minutes in a circle, no rush, proper form, breathe well !

  • 10 x 8kg KB swing
  • 15sec – 8 point plank
  • 10 reps cat and cow
  • 10 sumo squats
  • 5 close grips push-up
  • 10 broomstick overhead lunges
  • 5 slow pilates hip raises
  • 10 russian twists
  • 5 wide grip pushups
  • 2 ultra slow close grip pull ups

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