Lactate threshold – Ultra running essential

Check out the long-run and the Maffeton playlist if you wanted to learn more about these two crucial subjects for long distance success: Controlling heart rate and effort and not just controlling but dialling back, is the most important factor to build deep endurance and resistance. This is also a key to ensure that... Continue Reading →

I am too busy / I am too tired to run !

This is not a motivation station, catchword filled blogpost of struggle and hard work. This is reality. People do not take life, decisions, choices, lifestyle, behaviour, family, work, commitments, passion, hobbies, health and many other stuff seriously. They are still b.....g out about being time crunched, stressed and forced to do things that they don't... Continue Reading →

Aftershokz Openmove review

I always have had periods in the last 15 years, when running was becoming more and more difficult. For instance after a period of fast running, returning to base and low heart rate training. When work and family life are so busy, that in the morning you cannot even open your eyes without a pair... Continue Reading →

Running and longevity

When I was 18, my fellow athletes told me, that it won't be that easy when I will be 25. When 25, they told me that from 30 it will be a downward spiral. When 35, I heard that when 40, it will be over. Now, that I am 40, I am listening again, that... Continue Reading →

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