Interval training – trail running

There are not a lot of possibilities. Interval training is about a reference time. While for sure "10 x 2minutes hard with 45sec recovery" is interval training and can be done on any terrain even while running continuously, it still leaves a couple of unturned stones behind. At what elevation, on what type of terrain... Continue Reading →

BLOG: S4/11

Last weekend's tune up race left me a bit sore. In the previous macrocycle, I had done 1 tune up race,  but I did not include it totally into my training. I actually micro-tapered before and micro-rested after. This left me with basically no fatigue, neither tiredness. This time I did not do anything like... Continue Reading →

Training BLOG: 10K cycle 2 training plan

The last interesting period was extremely successful. I tackled all the injuries, came out healthy and finished the first "A" race of the year with a win. I had and still have questions unanswered and made mistakes of course, but it turned out to be all great. The track workouts, tempo intervals and modulated race... Continue Reading →

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