The cure for COVID-19

Health ! That is the only cure. However there are natural remedies what you can use to actually give an extra boost to your immune system. But, as this whole coronavirus outbreak thing "smells a lot", the authorities attack everything out there what says it can help against the virus. I mean, don't even try... Continue Reading →

January 2020 – BLOG

Maybe new year new you, but the same me. I never have been into new year's resolutions, but to be responding to anything with an immediate 180° at any moment. When people say, it is never late to do something, but they wait till the 1st of January, they might be actually 8 months late.... Continue Reading →

The new era of Doping

Peptides, synthetic oxygen carriers, intravenous l-carnitine and so much more what we don't know about. The very simple EPO, Sustanon, IGF-1, HGH, Nandrolone era is over and only noobs use it in case of controlled sport. They are very clean, super easy to get, even without initial contacts, just by using a non google algorithm... Continue Reading →

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