Run Cadence 180rpm

180 rpm means round per minute, revolution per minute or spm actually what is steps per minute. 90 steps on each side accounting to 180 total steps. In reality, running technique, surface, the size of the runner, leg length, will all determine your natural cadence. Why 180 ? It is close to the natural rhythm... Continue Reading →

My Post race recovery (5km+)

Racing is an all out effort. It is all-in mental work. It is all nerves and neuromuscular activation. If you've trained properly, rested properly, paced and executed correctly you can should be able to give your all !!! In racing we should give as much, that when we arrive to the finish line, basically we... Continue Reading →

Pre-race tune up workout #Running

Hill sprints easy. I have read many hardly findable papers from Canova, all the Lydiard books, looked at of course the Uphill Athlete, listened to Phil Maffetone and also learnt a lot from coaching videos. Of course Canova is giant advocate of short hill sprints. He is not going to neglect that workout ever. He... Continue Reading →

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