Cheptegei calls out Mo Farah !

“I believe having and crowning the season with a title would be something special, of course, for me, something I would really be grateful for. First the debut, then the win, that [would be] really amazing. I thought we would have a more exciting field.  Like, of course, we have the Kenyans, we have the... Continue Reading →

Altra Kayenta -Hidden cushioning ?

Get on with the stats: 200g16mm of Max-LT cushioning (Newish Altra Foam)Dual layer upperFootpod outsole Fantastic shoe. At first I was not impressed, but a bit scared, that I won't like it. I went out for a 10k progression run and I felt a bit of an annoyance. A structural issue coming from the triple... Continue Reading →

Fitness Update before Ubaye

We are getting there. The progression is slow, but very constant and promising. There is no new thing in training, but year after year I surprise myself. How fast track-running, road tempo running and trail running build upon each other. The better you perform on the track, the more confidence you get on trails in... Continue Reading →

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