BLOG – Week 7

While week 6 was quite eventless, despite having the highest training volume since flu, in case of training hours, training mileage and elevation gain too, week 7 became very hectic. I "engaged" with a friend to prepare the floor tiling of two different appartements. The thing is that when I work alone in any kind... Continue Reading →

Blog: Week 6 after Flu

The body is very gradually getting better. I work a lot too, so recovery is greatly compromised. Sleep is the most important ever recovery tool. I do not sleep enough unfortunately. I sleep very deeply and well, however not enough in length. These short nights effects recovery on a very brutal way. Normally I can... Continue Reading →

BLOG: Week 5 – still recovery

I finished the 4th week of training with 90km of running and with total elevation gain of 3923m. Total training time what includes still a lot of strength and some ebiking is 16h06. Not too shabby for somebody coming back from a serious sickness. Of course neither total, nor running volume and intensity are high... Continue Reading →

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