Running and longevity

When I was 18, my fellow athletes told me, that it won't be that easy when I will be 25. When 25, they told me that from 30 it will be a downward spiral. When 35, I heard that when 40, it will be over. Now, that I am 40, I am listening again, that... Continue Reading →

Is Covid 19 really serious ?

No it is not. It is a freckin' joke ! No question about it ! What is health. No, it is not the absence of illness. I cannot really say it, but here you go, a brief description what covers a section of health. Health contains physical, emotional and mental health. Diet is important; eating... Continue Reading →

The conspiration mindfuck of Covid Vaccine

What mad times we are living at. It is just unbelievable how gouvernements are consciously, sub and unconsciously manipulating the public. It is like forcing free will on the population what is a an oxymoron like "military intelligence". Forcing free will meaning, making you believe ! Making you believe not necessarily in something true or... Continue Reading →

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