The conspiration mindfuck of Covid Vaccine

What mad times we are living at. It is just unbelievable how gouvernements are consciously, sub and unconsciously manipulating the public. It is like forcing free will on the population what is a an oxymoron like "military intelligence". Forcing free will meaning, making you believe ! Making you believe not necessarily in something true or... Continue Reading →

Fuelling your long run – the base

The first question to ask is why to fuel ? The second question is when, but that is partially already answered by the response to the first. Normally, during the base period, you build your long run. You also build your total volume. This means a gradual increase in distance. This is a time when... Continue Reading →

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Altra Torin VS. Torin Knit

Running is one of the most purist act of human movements. I like it simple, no fuss. A pair of shorts, a pair of the lightest most suitable shoes, a singlet and off I go. No water, no gels, no backpack and even a watch is optional. This is why I got on the Torin... Continue Reading →

Cheptegei calls out Mo Farah !

“I believe having and crowning the season with a title would be something special, of course, for me, something I would really be grateful for. First the debut, then the win, that [would be] really amazing. I thought we would have a more exciting field.  Like, of course, we have the Kenyans, we have the... Continue Reading →

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