BLOG: Run Volume

I am always into books, white papers and scientific articles. As I am going through recent and very old like 20 - 30 - 40 year old writings , volume is brutally emphasised. I mean sometimes we can see ridiculously high volume at ridiculously low intensities for long time periods, but the speed structure what... Continue Reading →

BLOG: Patience for growth

I have a new and in my opinion very realistic goal. It is not a surely realisable one. In 2019 the XC world championship in Denmark was open to the public. Probably due to lack of interest from certain countries. If your country was not sending the maximum numbers of runners and you had the... Continue Reading →

Renato Canova – Work the confusion

I downloaded like 500 pages of work from Renato Canova, Italy born running coach. He had a lot of work done in the running coaching world, but outside of an inaccessible IAAF book, we cannot really find anything about his training methodologies. Just crapped up, messed up, controversial papers, guesswork and so. First of all,... Continue Reading →

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