Altra Lone Peak 4.0

Yes, the 4.5 is out and yes it's been a long time that the 4.0 is available. I needed to test profoundly these shoes, before I could sit down and write a shortish, but full review. I actually ran over 1500km in three pairs of these Altra LPs. Yes this means, that I am extremely... Continue Reading →

Back in Action like in the old days

I reflected a lot in the last couple of days as life is getting more and more busier. Having 3 phones, a full speed fiber internet connection, 4 bikes, a motorbike and a car, 5 different size and function back-packs, sport equipment for coaching and multiple app subscriptions for video analytics, navigation, logistics and delivery... Continue Reading →

The cure for COVID-19

Health ! That is the only cure. However there are natural remedies what you can use to actually give an extra boost to your immune system. But, as this whole coronavirus outbreak thing "smells a lot", the authorities attack everything out there what says it can help against the virus. I mean, don't even try... Continue Reading →

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