Getting motivated when unfit

Forget about anything you learnt about not listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks. Forget about the negative effects of anything other than running. Use anything actually to motivate you. Use anything to get you fitter. Use the bike, use the pool, use long yoga sessions, long stretching sessions, long pilates routines. When unfit, anything can... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – 35min 10k training log

Week 6 Session 1 After last weekend's double higher-end long efforts this training session was surely going to be just not executable. Too early. However I decided to do so, as the track is closed and running at race-specific speeds on shitty roadsides, alone in the dark is something that I do not really appreciate.... Continue Reading →

For you E-Bike haters !

Getting an electric assisted bike, especially a mountain bike can be one of the best thing you can do to your mind. Mental burn out, boredom and the feeling of needing a break from cycling can come from too much intensity or too much training. However cycling on a way is as simple as running... Continue Reading →

No chain ? No Gain !

Nowadays, I am growing a bike between my legs. Carrying heavy objects, switching between bikes and ride positions, rushing through traffic, gasping for air up on a narrow mountain passes. I ride ! When something is off, I feel it. A screw is not tight enough, the seatpost slid down 0.05mm, the saddle bag strap... Continue Reading →

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