What is a real recovery run ?

ChatGPT Open AI: A recovery run is a low-intensity workout that follows a high-intensity workout or a race. The purpose of a recovery run is to help your body recover by increasing blood flow to your muscles, flushing out metabolic waste products, and promoting healing and repair.Recovery runs are typically shorter and slower than your... Continue Reading →

35min 10K training paces

I often go through running literature and use time to time running calculators to see how they stack up against anecdotal long term coach observations. In this regard, I can share a couple of training ideas with you and this could be giving you options to improve faster. Or to find the missing clue in... Continue Reading →

Week 1 – 35min 10k Training Log

After 10 days of rest, starting from scratch. All training sessions not listed are recovery runs, easy outings, easy walks and despite they are not listed as training, they are all very important to development. Week 1 Session 1 Objective: Daniel's classic beginners version, great to start out. Light speed, finish off with light threshold.... Continue Reading →

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